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An Ongoing Series

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

River River

I have come to love the Limmat River. It's the one mentioned earlier, below. The one that got me up at 5:30 in the morning to move with it. I haven't been as faithful to the movement as I had least for now. But I have been faithful to the river. I go down to the river regularly, to be with it, walk with it. Being there does something to me.

French physicist, Jean Charon, talks about the nature of matter in his book, The Unknown Spirit. He speaks a great deal about electrons. His work has guided us to the discovery that our body's electrons enclose a space and time unlike the one we have so far assumed. In the electron space-time continuum, there is a memory of past events that continuously and endlessly empowers and enriches not only what we call our mind, but every single cell of our being, in the very electrons that combine to make us who and what we are.

He says electrons form the building blocks of all matter. All life is made up of electrons. Furthermore, he says these electrons communicate with one another, learn from each other, whatever the distance and whatever the species, human, non-human and otherwise. Electrons are able to exchange informational or spiritual (he uses these terms interchangably)content with each other in the ever continuous flow of life's evolution. He goes on to propose that the electron is the wordless link between all of life, the bridge to inter-species and pan-matter communication.

Being a metaphysician at heart, I don't doubt this one bit. I feel this, unequivocally, down by the river.

According to Charon, "As time flows, Spirit increases its order within each electron. It has no choice in this: it consists of a space in which order cannot decrease, a non-decreasing negative entropy space...The electron does not consider this constant negative entropy increase as an aim in itself, in other words the object of evolution, but as a means of discovering the objective of evolution...Each electron is like ourselves: as it increases its memorized information, it begins to perceive a new objective and to mould its actions accordingly...That is why we can speak of the spiritual 'adventure' of the universe, since Spirit is choosing to exist through constantly increasing awareness." (1977, p.167)

I am not sure what happens to me at the river, but I do feel that I am heard. However, it is not this "I" that is heard. And I do feel that I can hear something. But it is not this "I" that hears it.

It's in the cells.

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